4101 E Olympic PlzLong Beach, CA 90803

Iconix Fitness Careers

Thank you for learning more about Iconix Fitness!

Iconix Fitness is a premiere fitness brand located in Long Beach, CA. In 2022 we will be growing to 3 locations in Los Angeles. We are looking for people passionate about the fitness industry who want to join our team.


Part of our quest to be a leading fitness provider in the community for years to come is
making sure our team and our members enjoy a healthy, clean environment. Specifically making
sure the club is “hospital clean” with a “like new “appearance and smell at all times. Being part
of the team means you are committing to doing your part to make our facility known as the
cleanest around. Clean doesn’t just start and end with wiping equipment down; it includes
spotless locker rooms, proper hygiene, tidy desks and common areas, polished floors and a clean
parking lot. Most members that leave a fitness community usually do so because of cleanliness
issues, regardless of whether such concerns are communicated or not. If everyone on the team
does their little part, it amounts to a lot!


Together as a team we will provide our community with an industry leading health club
through this major component: quality. Quality is not only our product, but our people, as well.
You will be provided the tools through a cutting edge, state of the art facility, and industry
leading equipment to be the best you can be. On the other side, every Team Member was hand-selected because they have the capacity to improve our member’s lives at the highest level. It is
essential that we re-invest in ourselves through keeping up to date with workout and fitness
trends that can impact our members. Every decision and detail that goes into our work should
scream QUALITY.


Iconix was formed with the intention of creating a fitness club different than others. We
want our brand and our time to be purposeful and in doing so, Team Members will be focused on
serving the community. Community to us is our members inside the club, making an impact
outside the club, and connecting key people in our community with our members through
charitable programs. Small acts, when multiplied through many people can transform the
community. In doing so, we will create a new standard of health and fitness through our actions.
We feel putting our best actions forward on these three themes will not only provide an
unmatched fitness experience, but bring purpose to our team and community towards a positive,
engaging health movement. Congratulations again for being part of team Iconix. Be prepared for
a bright future!